How to Talk About Moving Mom and Dad into Senior Housing

Thousands of adult children face this every day, particularly the youngest of the baby boomers generation – when, what and where to move Mom and Dad into senior housing. Many challenges are involved in this decision, especially if Mom and Dad don’t agree it is time to leave their home.

Here are some thoughts to help you:

Never advise parents, instead have conversations with them. Advising them, telling them what they should do will most likely generate some resistance. After all, they are the parents and you are still the kid (even if you’re well into your adult years.)

Do your research. Consider what your parents like about where they live now. Try to find something that mirrors their current standard of living. National Church Residences communities all have certain amenities that make them unique. Washer and dryer hookups in some units, walking paths and courtyards, clubs and activities all could make the community feel more like a home to your parents if it is what they are used to. Check out our housing and services locator on our website. It breaks down communities by location, amenities and more.

Consider your parents’ perspective. Downsizing, moving and relocating is stressful on anyone – whether they are 20 years old or 80.

If you have questions, want advice on getting started or need more resources, reach out to us! Visit our website:

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